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YSY Limited – Outstanding New Security Product

YSY Limited is a Licensed Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Operator, approved by the CBN and registered with CAC. We provide strategic planning and tactical services to clients in need of security, recovery, safe delivery of goods and installation of sensitive equipment.

With more than 35 years’ experience in CIT and over 300 satisfied clients, YSY Limited strives to maintain excellence and deliver services based on solid ethical and global standards. We are in the forefront of being the first choice Cash-In-Transit service provider in Nigeria and Africa. At YSY Limited, we value your time and we take professional and calculated risks seriously.

And why shouldn’t we?

With a fleet of over 60 vehicles of high-grade Armored Carriers having B6 Ballistic Protection and equipped with electro-mechanical interlocking and immobilizing systems all of which are tracked and monitored.

You can be rest assured that you are in safe hands and your Assets are secure.

Interested in Sponsoring the OSPAs?

Sponsoring the OSPAs could be a great opportunity for the promotion of your company. The OSPAs are a prestigious event created to recognise outstanding performance in the security sector. Throughout the process, before, during and after the event, the OSPAs provide an opportunity for a specialist form of brand exposure. Furthermore, sponsoring the event will allow your company to align its brand with one that is committed to recognising outstanding performance.

If you would like to sponsor the awards we offer many varied and exciting packages that are flexible to your company’s needs.

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