Who can enter the OSPAs?

Anyone working in the security sector of a country with an OSPAs scheme can enter (unless you are a sponsor – see below). You don’t have to be a member of an organisation or association to do so.  The main criterion for entry is that you can show that you, your team, company, product or initiative has performed at an exceptional level. You are permitted to enter more than one award category.

How do I enter?

When entries are open, you will be able to enter via the entry form on the ‘Enter page’ of each country website. You will receive an email to confirm your entry. Please note that all winners of eligible categories will be entered into the Global OSPAs.

Where can I find the criteria for each category?

The criteria can be found on the ‘Enter’ page of each country website under each category description and questions. The criteria will be found under the heading ‘The Judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding performance in:’

Can I, my team or my company, enter more than one category?

Yes, as long as the entry requirements are met – evidence presented in each award category needs to show outstanding performance in that category.

Do entries have to be anonymous?

No, not anymore. Our experience has led us to let the judges see the entry in full so that they can help ensure that no OSPA is awarded to anyone disreputable. That stated, please be assured that judges will mark the entry based only on the information that has been provided. By limiting the entry to short text based answers, the OSPAs aims to create a level playing field where small and large companies can compete fairly. All our judges have to agree to an ethics policy before they are selected and they all mark independently of each other. Moreover, they are all required to declare any conflict of interest on every entry they mark.

Can I attach extra material to my entry?

No, judges will only mark according to the text-based answers given on the entry form.

I entered but did not receive a confirmation email. What should I do?

Contact us at enquiries@theospas.com

How much does it cost to enter?

Most schemes are free to enter, where this is different, it is noted on the ‘Enter’ page. There may be a cost associated with attending the awards ceremony and if so, details will be published on the ‘Attend’ page. If you are a finalist, we would encourage a representative to attend the event in order to collect your  trophy if you win.

When will I find out if I have won?

At the event itself – only the finalists are announced prior to the event.

I entered but want to change my entry, what shall I do?

No entries can be altered once they have been submitted.

Can a Sponsor enter the category they sponsor?

No, category sponsors cannot enter the category they sponsor. Headline sponsors cannot enter any category.

I work for the company that Sponsors a category I want to enter (individually or as a team), can I enter this category?

No, even if you want to enter as an individual or a team, if you work for the company that sponsors that category, you cannot enter.

I/we want to enter the Outstanding Security Partnership category, but the company that we partner with sponsors this Category. Can we still enter?

No, even if you are entering the category for yourself/your company, if your partnership involves the Sponsor of this category you cannot enter.

Can a Sponsor enter a category that they haven’t sponsored?

Yes, they can enter every category EXCEPT the one that they sponsor. Please note that the judges’ code of conduct stipulates that they must take no account of who the sponsors are in making decisions.

Can I enter a category if the Sponsor of this category encourages me to do so?

Yes, as long as you do not work for the sponsor company

I am a member of a supporting Association; can I still enter the OSPAs?

Yes, only sponsors are not permitted to enter their sponsored category

I am part of the board of a supporting Association; can I still enter?

Yes, you are entitled to enter as our judges sign up to our ethics policy, which means they have to declare any conflict of interest on every entry.

I work for the same company as one of the nominated judges; can I still enter?

Yes, as noted, the judges have to adhere to a strict judging ethics code. If they know the entry well or have ties with the entry, they are required to declare a conflict of interest and not mark the entry.

I work for a rival company as one of the nominated judges; will this judge mark my entry

No, as stated above, if the judge knows the entry well or has ties with the entry (even as a rival), they are required to state this and not mark the entry.

If I enter, do I have to attend?

No, it is not obligatory to attend if you enter. However, if you were a finalist we would expect you, or a representative, to attend to collect your OSPA trophy should you win. Nevertheless, even if you are not a finalist the event itself will be a great networking opportunity and attended by well-known individuals within the security industry.

I have paid to attend the event, as I am a finalist. However, I cannot attend anymore, can a representative attend on my behalf?

Yes, we would expect someone to receive the award on behalf of yourself or your company if you should win. If this is the case, make sure to inform us by email (enquiries@theospas.com) with the name and contact details of the representative.