Date: 30th June, 2021
Time: 4:00pm GMT+1
Venue: Online

Winners will be revealed at a virtual awards ceremony following a Security Thought Leadership Webinar organised in partnership with Securex West Africa.  

The event will provide a chance to listen to expert speakers and take part in the discussion on “Has the pandemic produced a new type of security or are things just the same? Examining the case of Nigeria” and is free to attend.

Thought Leadership Discussion:

The world has experienced a change, one that has impacted on the personal and professional lives of nearly all people. Security personnel have been at the forefront, either losing their job as some industries stopped functioning (e.g. airports and hospitality), or adjusting to the new demands and pressures incumbent on all frontline workers. So how has this impacted in Nigeria? What changes have been made and crucially what are the implications moving forward? Are we likely to see a new type of security emerging? If so how and why? This webinar will discuss:

  • The aspects of the security sector in Nigeria that have undergone change
  • The barriers to developing and managing a better security
  • The opportunities for Nigerian security

Kabir Adamu, MSyI –  ASIS International Abuja Chapter
Hon. Dauda Ageni  – Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security
Buduka Julia Johnson – Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria