• Okpako Imarah – The Executive Chairman, Loss Prevention Services Limited
  • Hope Nworah – Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security
  • Amb. Mr. Okhidievbie Oamien Roy – Group CEO, August Eye Ltd
  • Dame, Chief Victoria, Omonigho Ekhomu – CPP PFSO, MPA, FNIIS, FISN

Okpako Imarah

The Executive Chairman, Loss Prevention Services Limited- A Security Outfit guided by the understanding that existence of any organization depends on the safety of its Assets. Founder and National Coordinator, Association of Heads of Security of Tertiary Institutions (AHSOTI)-Re-engineering Security Strategies in Tertiary Institutions to meet current and future challenges. He is also the Chairman of Eagles Eye Concept- Mass Communication Sub-set measuring in Event Management, Entertainment, Advertising, Modeling and Branding. The Co-founder of, Cryptogram Capacity Concept- Empowering Security Professionals in the application of code and cipher in Business Secret Management. A retired Member of the Nigeria Intelligence Community, Member, Institute of Security of Nigeria (ISN), Special Adviser- Man O’War Nigeria and a consultant for Security and Safety Matters.

 Hope Nworah

Representing the Nigerian Institute For Industrial Security, Hope has more than 10 years work experience as a supervisor. Worked for Technip off shore Nigeria As a Sr. Supervisor
Supporting the Security Manager in developing and managing a team of security personnel for offering excellent service to customers. Certified security specialist, Certified Security Supervision and Management, Certified Protection Officers. (C P O).  Diploma in Security Studies, School Of Management and Security , History and International Studies and studied at Lagos State University BA.

 AMB. Mr. Okhidievbie Oamien Roy

Member of the security professional body with over 25 year’s military, graduate and Professional experience. He served in the Nigerian Army for close to fifteen years with core Army Special Forces Deployment / Combat experience, before his voluntary retirement. He has worked for other security organizations at management levels, his professional activities can be said to cut across all security disciplines in the Maritime, Hospitality, Construction Industries, and etcetera. After his experiences in paid employment, he Co-founded the August Eye Group Ltd.

Dame, Chief Victoria, Omonigho Ekhomu, CPP PFSO, MPA, FNIIS, FISN

Dame, Chief Victoria Omonigho Ekhomu was born December 18, 1958 in Igueben, Edo State.Nigeria. She is the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Trans-World Security Systems Ltd, Lagos-based asset protection company. Mrs. Ekhomu is also the Executive Vice President of the School of Management and Security. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of ASIS Foundation Inc. She has recently held the positions of Chairman of Africa Advisory Council, Senior Regional Vice President, Regional Vice President and Assistant Regional Vice President of ASIS International — the world’s largest professional security body.